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August 22 The panel discussion on “The Culture of Hate” and the impact on the victims and perpetrators was held in the Wolk Family Center of TBK.
​The panelists were

  • Senior Rabbi Stein of TBK,
  • Dr.Angela Sims new President of the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
  • Adrian Hale Strategic Initiatives Manager Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce
  • Dr. Tabassam Javed President and Board Member of the Islamic Center of Rochester. 

There were ~ 80 attendees who heard the incisive commentary of the panelists and their responses to the several comments and questions from the audience.  The attendees agreed that a follow up program should be pursued, tentatively scheduled for April, 23, 2020.


September 26  Ralph Meranto, JCC Director of Arts & Culture will present “The Jews of Broadway;” in the Adult Lounge of TBK, brown bag lunch at noon, program at 12:15. 

October 24      Grant Holcomb, Director Emeritus of Memorial Art Gallery presents “Abraham Lincoln in American Art;” in the Adult Lounge of TBK, brown bag lunch at noon, program at 12:15.

November 21  Rabbi Michael Silbert, Temple Beth David, will talk about “Judaism in South Africa;” in the Adult Lounge of TBK, brown bag lunch at noon, program at 12:15. 

December 19   Chanukah party with latkes, salads and dessert

January and February no programs – Winter break!

Suggestions for future programs are welcome and encouraged!

** Please exclude pork and shellfish products and mixed meat and dairy items


Parashat Vayetzei
December 7, 2019

In this Torah portion, Jacob has a dream in which angels go up and down a ladder connecting earth to heaven. God appears before Jacob and renews the covenant that God had made with Abraham. Jacob sees Rachel, Laban’s daughter, tending sheep and wishes to marry her. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter, Leah, after seven years of labor. In exchange for another seven years of work, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel. Jacob has many sons with Leah, but Rachel is unable to conceive. Finally, God blesses Rachel, and she has a son, whom she names Joseph.