Thanksgiving Food Basket List of Items

Items for Thanksgiving Basket Donations

Donations will benefit the Brighton Food Cupboard, TemPro, Keeping Our Promise (formerly No One Left Behind) and Baden Street Stettlement

To donate a basket or form more information, please contact Herb Skerker at 585-381-9367  ([email protected]) or Liza Robbins Theuman at 585-201-2024 ([email protected])

Drop off at TBK Sunday November 24  between 9:30 am and 11:30 am

Turkey 10 - 12 lb.
Pancake mix (complete - just add water  
Pancake Syrup  
Canned Fruit 2 cans 14 oz., e.g. fruit cocktail
Canned Vegetables 4 cans @ 14.5 oz., e.g. 2 corn and 2 green beans
Stuffing mix 1 box net wt 6 oz-6 servings
Corn bread mix 1 box 15 oz or 2 of Jiffy Mix size
Gravy 2 cans @ 10.5 oz.
Cranberry Sauce 1 can @ 14 oz.
Instant Mashed Potatoes 1 box @ 13.75 oz.
Yams 1 one-lb. can
Cake Mix 1 box, net. wt. 15.25 oz.
Frosting 1 one-lb. can
Vegetable Oil 1 24 fluid oz. bottle
Aluminum foil 1 box @ 50 sq. ft.
Ziploc Bags 1 box - 15 gallon size
Paper towels 1 large roll
Toilet paper One 4-pack



Parashat Vayetzei
December 7, 2019

In this Torah portion, Jacob has a dream in which angels go up and down a ladder connecting earth to heaven. God appears before Jacob and renews the covenant that God had made with Abraham. Jacob sees Rachel, Laban’s daughter, tending sheep and wishes to marry her. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter, Leah, after seven years of labor. In exchange for another seven years of work, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel. Jacob has many sons with Leah, but Rachel is unable to conceive. Finally, God blesses Rachel, and she has a son, whom she names Joseph.